Sleep Apnea Appliances Topeka

TAP™ TAP Sleep ApplianceThe TAP™ (Thornton Adjustable Positioner®) sleep therapy appliance provides a simple solution to snoring and sleep apnea. The best news is that patients are now being treated without medicines, surgery, or even a mask. By simply preventing the soft tissue of the throat and the tongue from collapsing, the Tap has over a 95% success rate. Keeping the airway open allows air to easily pass through the throat, which eliminates snoring. With the help of a dentist, Tap is custom fit making it very comfortable. It’s durable construction makes it very easy to use.


SomnoDentThe SomnoDent MAS® is custom-fit to your bite allowing full range of of motion. You can open and close your mouth with comfort and ease. Its streamlined design also allows speaking and drinking while in use. The SomnoDent has been shown to significantly help reduce blood pressure and it has even been predicted to help reduce the risk of stroke. The SomnoDent uses soft polymer and acrylic material that provide superior retention and comfort. Its design allows you to achieve full lip seal during sleep, which prevents irritation from dry mouth. The SomnoDent is free from any wires or attachments and it travels well.

Herbst Telescopic Appliance

Herbst Telescopic ApplianceThe Herbst Telescopic Appliance has been proven effective when dealing with chronic snoring as well as mild to moderate (OSA) Obstructive Sleep Apnea sufferers. One major advantage would be that the Herbst appliance does not take up tongue space like other sleep therapy devises do. This appliance moves laterally and vertically allowing patients to adjust without removing the appliance from their mouth. The Herbst appliance can be moved forward by two options of adjustability. The first option moves in bigger increments as the 2nd setting moves in much smaller increments for precise fitting. Giving patients the ability to adjust the appliance themselves allows for a very easy, quick, and accurate fit every time. If you are one of the 90 million Americans that suffer from frequent snoring or sleep apnea, contact Dr. Lorie to see if one of these products are right for you. We could have a very simple solution to a major problem.