Oral Tissue Screening

VELscopeVELscope technology (tissue fluorescence visualization) helps healthcare professionals assess their patients’ overall oral health. It is designed to find early signs of a wide variety of oral disease, such as oral cancer.

VELscope provides our dentists and dental hygienists with visual information that cannot be acquired in any other way. For the longest time, visual examinations were the only way of detection, but this obviously left a lot of room for error. Now with the VELscope, dentists are able to carefully and precisely identify problem signs early by picking up symptoms that the naked eye just can’t detect.

VELscope GraphicThe way the VELscope works is by shining a safe blue light into the oral cavity. Here we’ll be able to see any abnormal tissue as they’ll appear as an irregular, dark area that should otherwise show a green fluorescence pattern of healthy tissue. This process takes only a few minutes and is completely painless. No rinses or stains are required.

If oral cancer is not identified until the later stages of it’s progress, this disease can lead to mandatory disfigurement due to the last resort of removing the cancer would be to remove the jaw and/or sometimes the tongue. Oral cancer can also lead to death. VELscope is the best detection technology available and should be carried by all dentists. We recommend that each patient is screened by VELscope at least once a year.

The VELscope system also shows mucosal (mucous membrane) abnormalities such as: