Gentle, Compassionate & Caring Dental Office

Gentle, compassionate, and caring. These are 3 words that describe Dr. Lorie Baumgardner and staff. Topeka Dental CareWe take our time to make sure we get the job done right and always strive to be as gentle as humanly possible in the process. If you’re not comfortable, we’re not comfortable. Some dental practices rush patients in and out, treating you like a number. This can lead to missed steps and mistakes. We take it among ourselves to get to know each and every patient so we can better serve your needs. We’ll always take our time with you. At Dr. Lorie Baumgardner Dental Office we are compassionate in understanding that some patients have different reactions when going to the dentist. For some people, seeing a dentist can be quite nerve racking. They sometimes seem to think their dental appointment will be painful and are nervous that the dentist might find problems with their teeth. If you’ve ever been to Dr. Lori’s dental office then you already know you’re in great hands. Working with our caring hygienists, you will learn to become your own first line of defense against tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. We make sure to do an extraordinary job of educating our patients, giving them the tools needed to keep excellent, long-term dental health. Our customers are our highest priority and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure our patients are completely happy with our service. We want nothing more than for you to leave our office singing our praises and flashing that beautiful smile all over Topeka. Our commitment to these 3 words is what holds us on a higher level. Trust Dr. Lorie and staff to become your lifetime dentist and dental care coaches and we’ll make sure we are always gentle, compassionate, and caring every step of the way. Thank you for choosing Dr. Lorie Baumgardner Dental Office for your Topeka dental care needs.