Relaxation – Sedation Dentistry

Relaxation or Sedation Dentistry is becoming very popular because it can benefit both the patient and the dentist. It will help the patient to relax and feel comfortable while sitting in the dentist’s chair, which allows the dentist to focus more closely on performing whatever dental procedure is needed to help the patient maintain or regain healthy teeth and gums.

Relaxation or Sedation Dentistry Benefits Include:

Ranging from mild relaxation to deeper sedation, a number of options are now available depending upon the type of dental procedure scheduled, the estimated time required to perform the procedure, and the level of stress or anxiety the patient might be feeling or exhibiting.

Relaxation or Sedation dentistry is not necessary for all patients or for every procedure, but the dentist may recommend it for those patients who meet one or more of the following criteria:

The dentist may need a little help from you to help identify whether you or your children could benefit from relaxation or sedation dentistry, so if you or your children are feeling a level of stress or anxiety which might cause you to consider delaying or cancelling a visit to the dentist or a needed dental procedure, please let us know and the dentist will be happy to sit down with you and explain all of the options which are now available to make your visit a much more relaxed and pleasant one.